Cell Towers that violate CPUC regulations

Cell sites on joint-use utility (telephone) poles must adhere to a set of regulations from the California Public Utility Commission known as General Order 95 (GO95).  Section 94.4 of GO95 addresses clearances of  site antennas to existing power and communication circuits.  These regulations were mandated for safety and reliability reasons.  There are dozens of existing sites in RPV that violate these regulations and were installed after they went into effect.

A recent example was documented in detail and submitted to RPV.  It can be found here.

Crest Road ASP13 GO95 violations

Utility pole cell sites were surveyed throughout RPV for for compliance to GO95 Section 94.4.  Approximately half were in violation and were installed in an illegal fashion.

The resulting report was submitted to the City of RPV.

RPV Utility pole sites in violation of GO-95