FACT CHECK: PVE’s Wireless Facility Q&A Pamphlet

In response to widespread and growing criticism of the ongoing cell tower deployment, the City of PVE recently posted a “Questions and Answers” pamphlet to address resident concerns.  Unfortunately, many of the “answers” are incomplete and don’t provide important context thus making it appear as if the City is all but powerless to regulate or deny these sites. We strongly disagree.

 Surprisingly, the pamphlet completely omits any reference to our city’s landmark 2009 victory in Sprint PCS vs. Palos Verdes Estates where the 9th Circuit court upheld the denial of two intrusive sites.  This victory established the right to regulate and deny sites based on aesthetic grounds in California.  It’s almost as if those currently advising the City have forgotten about it despite the City’s hard-fought legal victory.
The link below contains a  “fact check” including a point by point evaluation of the City’s Q&A.