RPV Denies an Intrusive Cell Tower, New Ugly Sites Coming up August 30th

Last Tuesday we had our first Rancho Palos Verdes Planning Commission decisions under our new wireless facility ordinance.  The Commission did approve a relatively unobtrusive site on Los Verdes Drive near the golf course.

The Commission also denied a site in the Monaco neighborhood (Chartres Drive) on aesthetic grounds as Crown Castle proposed a 2 foot wide by 3.5 foot tall canister antenna atop a city street sign.  The Commission found its size and intrusiveness was not appropriate for a residential street (see the photo simulation below).  Note that the Planning Commission denied this site despite the fact staff recommended approval.  Crown Castle will likely appeal this to the City Council, we’ll keep you updated.



New Residential Cell Tower Hearings

There are three new residential neighborhood facilities scheduled for hearings:

When: Wednesday August 30th starting at 6 PM

Where: Hesse Park Community Room (29301 Hawthorne Blvd)  

Please note both the non-standard date and starting time to ensure those interested don’t miss the hearings.

ASG NO. 08: Across 30505 Calle de Suenos Drive

This is a residential neighborhood site and staff is recommending continuance (at Crown Castle’s request) until October 24, 2017 to address community concerns.  The hearing will not be opened to public comments unless the public specifically requests time to speak.  The staff report can be found here:


ASG NO. 09: 30452 Camino Porvenir

This is residential site that incorporates a large antenna atop on existing streetlight pole.  This location is directly in front of homes on both sides of the street.  The antenna canister is large and prominent as can be seen in the photo simulation below.

Note that staff is recommending approval of this site despite its intrusive location, the fact that residential street locations require an exception as they violate our ordinance, and despite the Commission denying virtually the same antenna design last week on the Chartres Drive site.

In our opinion, this is completely unacceptable for residential neighborhoods as it will seriously degrade aesthetics and negatively affect property values of the adjacent homes.  To have such an intrusive site approved, Crown Castle must demonstrate the site is absolutely required and there is no feasible less intrusive alternative.  They have done nothing of the sort.  If you object to this site, it is imperative you attend the hearing and make your voice heard.

Camino Porvenir Cell Tower

We think it looks ridiculous.  We wouldn’t be surprised if Crown Castle next proposes a giant bouquet of flowers sticking out of the top to make it more “aesthetically pleasing”.  Why not?  It looks like a giant flower pot to us, or maybe a giant ice cream cone.  Either way, it’s clearly out of place and unacceptable.  We can pretty much guarantee Crown Castle’s corporate officers don’t have one of these monstrosities sitting outside their home’s front door.

The staff report can be found here:


ASG NO. 32: Scotwood Drive adjacent to 29504 Whitley Collins Drive

This is another residential neighborhood site with the same flaws as that on Camino Porvenir in that it proposes an ugly and highly intrusive antenna that is out of place in the neighborhood.  While the location is arguably not as bad, the design is still unacceptable.  Again, staff is recommending approval of this site; residents that object or have concerns must attend the hearing and speak during public comments.

Scottwood Cell Tower

The staff report can be found here:


We have real concerns that staff continues to recommend approval for sites that violate the residential street restrictions of our wireless ordinance.  If Crown Castle wants to place these sites in our neighborhoods next to our homes, they must develop designs that are all but unnoticeable.  Our ordinance isn’t meant as a starting place for negotiations but as the law.

Crown Castle is not entitled to invade our neighborhoods with these eyesores.  Any proposed designs must match existing infrastructure, what they are proposing looks ridiculous and is highly intrusive.  Our neighborhoods deserve much better.


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