Sixteen New Verizon Cell Towers in RPV

It seems that Crown Castle has big plans for our community whether we like it or not.  We’ve discussed in detail the nearly 80 AT&T cell towers Crown Castle is trying to muscle into Palos Verdes neighborhoods.  We’ve now found out they are planning at least 16 new Verizon cell towers in Rancho Palos Verdes (that we know of so far).  As with their highly intrusive AT&T deployment, many are again proposed for residential neighborhoods without regard for community aesthetics or property values.  It looks like we are going to be busy going forward.

A Surprise in the AT&T Resubmissions

Crown Castle has started resubmitting the 26 AT&T cell tower applications that were rejected as incomplete earlier this year.  So far six have been resubmitted, and all six have again been rejected as incomplete since the submitted documentation does not meet the requirements of Rancho Palos Verdes’ comprehensive wireless facility ordinance.  We requested and received copies of the documents for review (they are public records).

RPV’s ordinance wisely requires applicants submit a master plan including all proposed sites for the next two years.  Buried within the documentation was a table that surprisingly also included 16 new cell towers for Verizon.  As far as we know, these have never been publicly announced.  It would appear the city has not been formally notified of these as they are not shown on RPV’s extremely comprehensive cell tower webpage.

In typical Crown Castle fashion, the list didn’t include addresses but only GPS coordinates.  We’ve gotten wise and know when things are muddled like this it is usually worth digging into.  It was simple to plug the coordinates into Google maps and figure out what they are up to.  Yet again, Crown Castle didn’t fail to disappoint.  Here’s the result. (Crown Castle’s full list of proposed sites can be found here)


Crown Castle’s proposed Verizon cell towers plotted out.  Despite the site labels, all sites are in Rancho Palos Verdes.  Note that six sites (PV01, PV02, PV04, PV05, PV06, PV07) are missing from the sequential list.  These are likely in Palos Verdes Estates or Rolling Hills Estates and were omitted from this list submitted to Rancho Palos Verdes.

Thirteen Residential Neighborhood Sites

Of the 16 sites, thirteen are located in the heart of residential neighborhoods.  Many of these are also in underground utility districts.  Here’s a few of the offenders:

Verizon Cell Tower PV 03 Location – 30100 block Via Rivera (West Palos Verdes)


This is an underground utility district and they appear to have targeted this streetlight based on the GPS coordinates.  It’s right in front of a home with houses directly across the street.  There’s an existing Crown Castle cell tower on a streetlight just 300 feet away.  They’ve also submitted an application for an AT&T cell tower for a streetlight just 9 houses down the street.  Talk about chutzpah!

Verizon Cell Tower PV 12 Location – 6900 block Rock Valley Road


Based on the GPS coordinates, it’s another streetlight installation in an underground utility district.  It’s difficult to imagine a more intrusive location.  Unbelievably, Hawthorne Blvd is directly behind this home and far more suitable location yet Crown Castle chose the residential street without any regard for community aesthetics.

Verizon Cell Tower PV-14 Location – 30000 block Knoll View Drive (Miraleste Hills)


Here’s another ridiculous proposed location based on the GPS coordinates.  Crown Castle’s streetlight choice is literally in the front yard of this residence.  Note that the streetlight is shorter than most, only about 17 feet tall.  As the house is elevated, the tower will be inline with the upstairs windows.  Antennas mounted to the streetlight will stick out like a sore thumb.

Verizon Cell Tower RHE-03 Location – 26600 block Basswood (actually in RPV)


The GPS coordinates are on Basswood near this streetlight, it appears to be the location of the proposed Verizon cell tower.  Crown Castle has also submitted an application for an AT&T cell tower only ten houses away also on Basswood.

Here’s the full deciphered list of the Verizon sites from Crown Castle, all are in Rancho Palos Verdes:

  • VZW PV 03: 30100 block Via Rivera – residential
  • VZW PV 08: Palos Verdes Drive South at Peppertree Drive
  • VZW PV 09: 0 block Coveview Drive – residential
  • VZW PV 11: 5000 block Browndeer Lane – residential
  • VZW PV 12: 4900 block Rockvalley Road – residential
  • VZW PV 13: 3200 block Crownview Drive – residential
  • VZW PV 14: 30000 block Knoll View Drive – residential
  • VZW PV 15: 4300 block Miraleste Drive
  • VZW PV 16: Palos Verdes Drive East at Bronco Drive
  • VZW PV 17: 0 block Rockinghorse Road – residential
  • VZW PV 18: 2000 block Avenue Aprenda – residential
  • VZW PV 19: 27300 Western Ave
  • VZW PV 20: 2000 block Velez Drive – residential
  • VZW RHE 01: 28400 block Covercrest Drive – residential
  • VZW RHE 02: 27000 block Grayslake Road – residential
  • VZW RHE 03: 26700 block Basswood Ave – residential

We’ve just listed the block number rather than the specific address until we get confirmation.  If you live on one of these streets, please contact us and will give you the exact location.

No Neighborhood Cell Towers

Crown Castle’s sense of entitlement seems to know no bounds.  RPV’s new wireless ordinance was a direct response to Crown Castle’s attempt to bully the city into accepting the highly intrusive residential AT&T sites.  Their reply apparently is to double down with more highly intrusive sites for Verizon.  Game on.

Rancho Palos Verdes new wireless facility ordinance prohibits cell towers in residential neighborhoods unless the applicant proves it is required to prevent an “effect prohibition” of service.  This has a specific legal meaning that requires the applicant to show denial of the site would cause a “significant gap” in service.  We understand the law and we understand engineering, we are willing to bet few of these locations have actual significant gaps.  We are going to make them prove it for each and every one.

Public hearings have been underway in Palos Verdes Estates for about a year now.  We have consistently exposed Crown Castle’s mistaken engineering claims regarding the existence of a significant gap and their misrepresentation of the law.  PVE has now denied two neighborhood sites and the Planning Commission has expressed their skepticism regarding the remaining residential neighborhood sites.  This after the Commission had been originally led to believe they couldn’t deny the sites.

We’ve already gone through the four new sets of “drive maps” provided in the latest Crown Castle AT&T Rancho Palos Verdes resubmissions.  (Side note: RPV’s ordinance requires propagation maps, drive maps are not an acceptable substitute.)  We’ll put a post up on our findings soon.  We’re seeing the same selective frequency band and service type submissions we saw over in Palos Verdes Estates.  We’re also seeing the same ridiculously inflated “required” service levels they tried over there.  Frankly, it’s embarrassing and a little insulting.  We’ll continue to call them out on this as long as they keep trotting them out.

We’ll keep you posted as we learn more and thank the community for the strong support.

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