An interesting coincidence…

Crown Castle represents themselves as a utility, no different from the landline telephone company or the local electricity supplier. That’s the entire basis of their claim to locate in the Public Right of Way, even if it’s against the intentions of the local municipality and its residents.

Yet, we’ve noticed a certain inequity among where they are providing their “service”. We’ve heard from others around the country who are in a similar situation to ours in Palos Verdes. Strangely, they all seem to have demographics very comparable to ours. Quite a coincidence.

Take a look at Crown Castle’s community projects page here.  Virtually every one is an affluent enclave.  Since when does a “utility” get to pick and choose who it serves?  Can you imaging the outcry if Southern California Edison decided it was going to ignore the disadvantaged areas of Central Los Angeles and focus its service on Beverly Hills, Malibu, and Palos Verdes?

Our hunch is that these deployments have more to do with future high-revenue targeted services rather than simply improving cell coverage.  Time will tell.